Tuesday, March 08, 2011

User account and /etc/hosts setup

Did a bit of reading Samba documentation, turns out it surely will be time-consuming to rewrite /etc/smb.conf from scratch, so, probably will do that tomorrow.
As for now: have to set up a user with all the required privileges and permissions.

4: Adding new user account is pretty straightforward:
$ sudo adduser server --group=root --system
However, I've been thinking about adding a simple user account with no privileges, alas that would be pointless, as nearly all features require root privileges. Editing /etc/sudoers does the trick, if a non-root account already exists:
$ sudo echo "user ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL" >> /etc/sudoers
 5: /etc/hosts
The file is designed to be human readable and contains a list of keywords with values that provide various types of resolver information. Values being IP addresses and keys - domain names.
So by adding server
on main PC and mainpc 
on the server PC, system now substitutes http://server/ with an appropriate IP addresses. Useful and prevents some typos indeed.


  1. I wish I had more experience with unix-based systems :| Windows is so boring!